Project improvement of Odesa international airport reconstruction design

Project features:
Construction work in the conditions of the existing airfield.
High groundwater level on part of the construction site (in the area of the existing platform).
Significant thickness of plant soil, which must be removed in a trough of new airfield coatings.
A small current bearing capacity of the existing soil base with subsidens properties of type 1 and 2 in the sections needed stabilization.

Correction of previously approved project took place in part:
– planning decisions – the designed circuit airfield pavements and placement means of radio navigation and landing based on their critical and sensible zones;
– vertical plan – organization chart of the aerodrome elevation in order to implement the recommendations of engineering and geological surveys to divert runoff beyond reconstruction and construction;
– airfield pavement structure and stabilize the ground warp under existing airfield pavements.
The distance between the axes of the old and new ZPM remained unchanged at 250 meters.
The geometrical dimensions of the aerodrome elements taken in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices for aerodrome code mark 4D.
The length and width of the new AAR with respect to the previously approved project remains unchanged at respectively 2800 and 45 meters.
Fortified curb according to the recommendations of Annex 14 taken at every 7,50m and placed on either side of the new runway so that the overall width of the runway and its lateral safety strips was 60m. The previously approved projects hard shoulder width 1,50m adopted in accordance with the requirements of SNIP 2.05.08-85 “Aerodrome” and is insufficient for the operation of modern aircraft with low placement of aircraft engines.
Width airport flight strip that includes a runway equipped for precision approach adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Appendix and 14 is 300 meters and located symmetrically on both sides of the runway center line and its extension to 150 m. The previously approved projects on the airstrip of the new runway at a distance of 120 and 125m from the axis were placed technical building glide.
When adjusting the draft glisadnye beacons transferred to the new west border of the strip at a distance of 150 m from the axis of new AAR and at a distance of 90m from the new highway patrol airport; to accommodate the localizer in the south of the project, an additional land acquisition, protecting his sensual area.
In the previously approved project patrol the road and airport fence placed in the critical zone 157 ° MCT; Four timing and technical buildings were placed on the runway strip airfield, without taking into account the critical width of 30m and 90m sensual zones.
Also, when adjusting the project differently than in the previous project, the existing runway is used destination. The previously approved projects involved the use of both runways to perform takeoff and landing operations – or old for aircraft the military sector; or the new civilian aircraft. Placing two dependent parallel runways same length without changing the threshold rate and the offset distance between the axes 250 meters impossible to use airfield space and poses a threat of false landing on one of the two runway, which at a given moment is closed for flight.
When adjusting the project as agreed joint operation of the airfield airport Odessa military and civilian sectors, the corresponding decision was made to use the new paved runway to the destination, the old runway after the reconstruction will be used as the main taxiway. This leads to a direct savings of construction funds for the partial reconstruction of the existing runway, the purchase and installation of two extra sets of timing, PFC, lighting equipment (both courses) and one set of meteorological equipment; operating costs for the further content of the two runways (cleaning, marking, repairs, etc.).
The width of taxiways is adopted in accordance with the recommendations of Annex 14 – 23 meters with two hard shoulder width of 7.5 m on both sides, as in previously approved projects.
Taken to adjust the project separation distances between the axes of the parallel taxiway between the axes of the various taxiways and objects, between the axes of lead-in lines of aircraft on the parking lot, take into account the location of objects, buildings and structures existing airport infrastructure.
On the platform project provides reconstruction section provides maneuvering and parking 5 aircraft code letter «D». Setting the aircraft parking lot is expected out under own engines, taxiing – with the help of tractors.
The analysis of the aerodrome site previously approved projects had not been carried out in order to identify obstacles to the new AAR. At the conclusion of the air navigation service provider – SE service traffic Ukraine – on the approach surface with MK 157 and takeoff with MK 337 by Ovidiopil road flagged existing antenna “Chinar” (object № 659 of obstacles catalog), in which the top mark BSV is 88,4m. Antenna height exceeds the height of the bounding surface of the take-off at the location of 21.45 meters.
Given the circumstances of tenure at the airport Odessa Airport, the project is envisaged to allocate a separate first objects, buildings, structures and communications, placed on designated permanent use of the State Enterprise “Directorate for construction of the International Airport “Odessa” land.