Project improvement of Odesa international airport reconstruction design

Project features:

Construction work in the conditions of the existing airfield.
High groundwater level on part of the construction site (in the area of the existing platform).
Significant thickness of plant soil, which must be removed in a trough of new airfield coatings.
A small current bearing capacity of the existing soil base with subsidens properties of type 1 and 2 in the sections needed stabilization.

Improvements of previously approved project took place in part:

– planning decisions – the designed circuit airfield pavements and placement means of radio navigation and landing based on their critical and sensible zones;
– vertical plan – organization chart of the aerodrome elevation in order to implement the recommendations of engineering and geological surveys to divert runoff beyond reconstruction and construction;
– airfield pavement structure and stabilize the ground warp under existing airfield pavements.

The geometrical dimensions of the aerodrome elements taken in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices for aerodrome code mark 4D.

The length and width of the new AAR with respect to the previously approved project remains unchanged at respectively 2800 and 45 meters.