Reconstruction of the Dashoguz airport

Scope of project includes desing of the following elements of the aerodrome facilities and buildings service and technical areas:

– runway size 3800 × 60 meters with a width of 7.50m and sholders reinforced ends 60m length each;
– two end zones security 120 meters wide and 240 meters long each;
– backbone taxiway (MPD) with a width of 23 meters shoulder width 10.50m;
– connecting taxiways (RAN) wide by 23 meters wide with curbs 10.50m – two high-speed, at an angle to runway 30 one central – perpendicular to the runway and two connecting platform with MPD;
– passenger platform providing parking stub 3 planes code letter “E” and 3 jets “C” code letter;
– insulating parking space on one plane “E” code letter;
– taxiway 10.5 meters wide, connecting directly MRD-designing the existing apron;
– airport fence height of 2.5 meters;
– highway patrol;
– air traffic control center building (ATC);
– airfield control tower (TWR);
– boiler room;
– substation transformer (TA-2);
– rescue station;
– fueling station with the filling station;
– railway viaduct with 14 cars;
– two sets of lighting equipment;
– two transformer substations for the power supply of lighting equipment;
– two glide (RM) meter range landing system ILS 420 with a set of DME distance measuring equipment;
– two localizers (ASO) Lokalizer ILS landing system 420 meter range;
– two drive azimuthal marker beacon (NDB);
– azimuthally ranging beacon VOR / DME;
– automatic direction finder (ATM);
– meteorological equipment;
– ornithological equipment;
– primary radar STAR 2000;
– secondary radar RSM 970;
– receiving radio center (PMRTS);
– pronounced transmitting radio center (PRC);
– a central distribution point (CRP);
– treatment plants of domestic wastewater;
– treatment facilities of storm water from the ANC;
– parking of passenger cars;
– checkpoint;
– substation-35/10 kV “Airport 2”.