Section of the Kiev-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky road, M04 KM476 (transport interchange)

On the section of the highway, km 476+500 – 479+000, a device for translating the interchange at two levels “by the type of pipe” is provided (Fig.1). Since the project site, the treffic intersection is in rather limited conditions, individual elements of the profile plan are assigned in accordance with clause 4.2.2 of GOST V.2.3.4: 2007 “Roads” as for hilly terrain with a design speed of 110km/h.

According to the project, it is necessary to arrange 11 artificial structures (Fig.2), among which: 4 bridges over the Siversky Donetsk-Donbas canal; 4 overpasses over the railway; 2 overpasses above congresses; 1 overhead prodestrian crossing.

For the passage of rain and melt water, a device for 12 reinforced concrete pipes is provided. The project provides for the conversion of: power lines with a voltagebof 0.4-35kv; communication cables; gas pipelines; water pipelines.