Detailed design for renovation of M-05 (Kiev-Odessa)

The design work was carried out in accordance with the terms of the FIDIC contract in close cooperation with the Customer and the resident engineer service, which made it possible to efficiently and promptly accept the optimal design decisions and make the necessary changes. 14 specialists of road and bridge departments of the company constantly participated in the development,

The development of documentation was carried out on the basis of tender documentation in accordance with the requirements of FIDIC. The length of the design section was 45 km, the cross section of the road corresponds to the I category with parameters 3.75 – 7.50 – 2.90 – 7.50 – 3.75, where 3.75 – the edges with reinforcing and stopping strips, 7.50 – two-lane passageway, 2.90 – separating strip with fencing. The site provides for the construction of 12 underground pedestrian crossings, the repair of 4 underground transitions, the repair of one bridge, the repair of 3 overpasses, 2 of which are included in the decision on which also provides a full range of major repairs.

The project implemented the following engineering solutions:

– transition to a monolithic parapet fence like “New Jersey”;
– the device of uniform road clothes on the stop and main bands;
– abandonment of green zones on the separation strip;
– the use of led lights in the illumination of the road;
– Minimization of land removal by finding alternate design solutions such as – the device of retaining walls;
– reduction of the number of treatment facilities due to a more efficient scheme for collecting and distributing waste from the road;
– arrangement of additional stops, sidewalks, overground pedestrian crossings, underground passages, cattle runs, reinforcement of channels, drainage pipes and drainage in general, taking into account the wishes of citizens living in the area of ​​major repairs.