Construction of a new airport complex in a suburb of Turkmenabat

Сonstruction site is located in the Karakum Desert, engineering support is not available, the existing subgrade airfield pavements – one-dimensional small barchan sands.

At the designated area construction scheme of the general plan provides for the deployment of the aerodrome the following facilities of the aerodrome and air navigation and landing facilities:
-runway size 3800 × 60 meters with a width of 7.50m and roadsides reinforced ends 60m length each;
– the strip size 4100 × 300 meters;
– two end zones security 120 meters wide and 240 meters long each;
– backbone taxiway (MPD) with a width of 23 meters shoulder width 10.50m;
– connecting taxiways (RAN) wide by 23 meters wide with curbs 10.50m – two high-speed, at an angle to runway 30 one central – perpendicular to the runway and two connecting aprons from MWP;
– apron VIP (for receiving government delegations) with maneuvering software under own engines and two parking aircraft (VS) code letter “E”;
– passenger platform that provides maneuvering and parking of aircraft 6 “E” code letter;
parking places 10 medium helicopters with providing maneuvering under own engines and rotatably to the MS;
– building maintenance base with the office for engineering and technical staff of 55 people, equipped with individual independent shops with warehouses, shops paddle for 4 different types of aircraft wheel and battery shop, laboratory, technical library, utility rooms;
– administrative building of the central office of g.Turkmenabad airport;
– two-storey building with separate entrances for autonomous flight software (ATC);
– aerodrome control tower (TWR);
– production and dispatch services of the airport (ACAP);
– aviation and of meteorological center;
– navigator;
– communication link center (MSC);
– message switching center;
– central radio service;
– bureau aeronautical information (BAI);
– service starting medical supervision;
– building service Electrolighting Aviation (ESTOP);
– service operation of ground facilities and capital construction (SENS and COP);
– ATC tower 50 meters high;
– base for aerodrome service airport;
– utilities.